A Little Dishy is the one-stop destination for the easiest, healthiest recipes to help you live well, without any fuss.


About A Little Dishy

A Little Dishy wants to show you how crazy easy it is to eat high-carb vegan food, and how crazy great you’ll feel when you do it regularly!

A Little Dishy is filled with carb-centred, plant-heavy, easy to make, yummy recipes and ideas to help you to live well, save animals and help the planet- all by stuffing your face.

There’s no expensive superfoods or overpriced exotic ingredients or crazy fads, just food that makes your body say: “YES, YES, YESSSS!”

All the recipes are plant-based, mostly high-carb low-fat and don’t use any oil.

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About Lucy

Lucy Montague Moffatt is a writer, a vegan and an owner of a long name. She is from Dublin and now based in Manchester. She recently graduated with a Masters in TV and Radio Scriptwriting.

She became a vegan six years ago because she likes attention, and started a blog so she could talk about herself in the third person.

Her other hobbies include Hey Arnold, Hello Kitty and finding a third interest that begins with a greeting word.